Betalbatim, this name seems to have popped out of fairy tale comic strip telling stories of a far far away magical land called Goa. Betalbatim has nothing and absolutely no connection with the comic book character name of Vikram and Betal. In fact Betalbatim is the name of the most beautiful beach in South of Goa. Sandwiched seductively between the ever crowded and commercial beach of Colva to its left side and with the Five Star majestic resort beach of Majorda on its right.

Betalbatim beach has its fair share of beach visitors and hence one can find around 08 beach shacks splashed on the shoreline offering seafood and Goan delicacies. As you walk closer towards the crowded Colva beach which is just 15 minutes walking distance away from the center of Betalbatim beach.

Betalbatim by many locals and tourists is referred to as the Sunset Beach of South Goa. This is a peaceful and secluded beach, so you can go for an afternoon stroll and have the full beach to yourself. Since there are less human visitors on this beach, so be prepared to spot Sea Eagles and other birds of prey flying around for fallen fish.


Betalbatim beach in local Konkani language is known as Ranwaddo beach. The road leading to Lover’s beach is close to the one leading to Ranwaddo, just 100 m away from it in the direction of Betalbatim village on the north. Look for the Lover’s beach board and then follow the road till the parking place! Ranwaddo is a beach of Central South Goa, located on this beautiful 26 km (16 miles) sandy stretch of Betalbatim beach to some, Ranwaddo beach to others, Lover’s beach to couples and Sunset beach to all others.

On Betalbatim beach treat your eardrums to the peaceful crashing sound of waves constantly hitting the shoreline in front of you and the swaying palms trying to make a soothing sound of breeze wishing you bye. Interesting to note that most of Goa’s other beaches are populated with Coconut palm trees, but on Betalbatim or Sunset beach be prepared to discover Cold Pine trees on the periphery of Betalbatim.

Betalbatim beach is located near Kims Holiday Homes and is known for Serenity, Seclusion, Secret, Sublime and Solitude and last but not the least Sexy Sunsets. 

Stay at Kims Holiday Homes at Betalbatim and spend your holiday time on Sunset beach of South Goa.

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